Changes in Latitude

My personality is vibrantly orange, almost overwhelmingly so. If you aren’t familiar with the True Colors personality spectrum, orange personalities are spontaneous and action-oriented. We “oranges” make decisions quickly and emotionally and we are energized by risk and change. In addition to my natural “orange-ness,” I grew up in a family that prioritized traveling and adventure.

This orange married a green. Donnie is analytical, strategic, and logical. He has otherworldly critical thinking skills and makes every decision based on facts. We both have pretty strong personalities, which makes for some interesting joint decision making. I leap to an immediate, emotionally-charged decision, and Donnie is able to pull me back and assess the situation to make sure I’m not doing something crazy that will harm or bankrupt us. So far, our system has worked beautifully.

Rewind to last August: We were staying on 30A for a week of beach relaxing.


The relaxation kicked in and we began idly discussing why we didn’t live closer to the beach. I’ve been a beach bum since birth, enjoying family trips to the same beach house each summer for years.

beach float.jpg

While Donnie is a newer convert, we both feel peaceful by the water and agreed that we were happier when the waves were close by.

Donnie had a previous opportunity through work to relocate to Sydney, Australia. Being the orange that I am, I was 100% ready to move. Do it, just say yes, let’s go! Donnie was not so sure, but we decided to go ahead and see if it was even still a possibility. After weeks of back and forth with managers, several interviews, and a lot of waiting (not my strength) we finally got the go-ahead: We were moving to Australia!

This process sounds compact and simple, but in reality it was drawn out, confusing, and somewhat stressful. My green husband had so many questions and concerns, and my orange self got frustrated with the delays and second-guessing. I couldn’t imagine why we wouldn’t take advantage of someone paying us to move to an exotic, adventurous new continent, and Donnie couldn’t imagine leaving the land of the free and home of the Vols.

Eventually, we decided we couldn’t, or shouldn’t, say no to this incredible opportunity. So the Conleys packed up and headed down under, and we are so excited to see what this adventure holds!



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